ReferralMagic is an easy-to-setup and flexible referral tracking platform built for all kinds of online businesses. While it gives you unlimited integration possibilities with the full-featured API, it also comes with ready-to-use invite friend widgets.

One of these ready-to-use invite friend widgets is the "Pop-Up Invite Friend Widget".

After logging to your ReferralMagic account, go to your referral campaign dashboard and click "Widget Setup" on the right side:

On the "Widget Setup" page, you will see step by step installation instructions. The first step is adding the "tracking pixel" to the page you will be adding the invite friend widget:

The next step is to insert the widget javascript code to the place you want to display the invite friend popup widget:

As you can see above, you can customize all components of the pop-up widget. But first, what you need to do is to replace USERS_NAME and USERS_EMAIL_ADDRESS marks with the logged-in user name and email address. For privacy reasons, you may pass the encrypted user ID instead of the email address of your user to the "email" parameter.

As the last step, you may consider customizing the options of the widget:

Widget Configuration